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Employment Agreement between


Southwest City Processing ______________________________________

(Employers Name)



                                               (Applicants Name)


Southwest City Processing is a family owned business. We do enough business that we require help to keep up with the work load. It is the job of our employees to help with the total work load. Below is a list of job requirements for a meat cutter employed by SWC Processing.


All Meat Cutters Are required to

1.     Show up for work on time.

a.      Equipment should be ready for work

b.     Safety equipment on

2.     Dress appropriately

3.     Respect employers, customers, and other employees

4.     Work until all work is finished each day (Unless otherwise agreed to in advance by both employer and employee)

5.     Respect property of

a.      Employers

b.     Other Employees

c.     Customers

6.     Work courteously with other employees & employers



Some duties will include

1.     Heavy Lifting Over 100#

2.     Standing, Walking, Bending, Lifting, For 2 hours at a time.(Between Breaks)

3.     Working with live animals

4.     Working with dead animals

5.     Working alone

6.     Working with others

7.     Getting dirty



It is our goal to provide employees with a safe, friendly work environment. We will strive to accommodate employees’ desires for time off as long as they schedule it far enough ahead that it doesn’t create too much work load for other employees.


Mid. September through March is our busy season. April-August is generally slower. Scheduled time off should be in slow months. Work will be offered through the slow times although hours will be less than during busy times. Days off will be discussed at the first of each week. In most instances overtime will be discussed a week ahead, although sometimes overtime is unforeseen.


Wages will be paid every two weeks. Then first week is held back. If you start work on the first week of the pay period you will get your first check on the third Friday for the first two weeks. If you start on the second week of the pay period you will get your first check on the second Friday for the first week.


Raises & Wages will be discussed between employer and employee only. Employees are not to discuss raises or wages with others. Raises are given according to employee performance.


Meat cutting is dangerous work. We will supply all necessary safety equipment. You are expected to come to work clean and sober. One bad drug/alcohol test is grounds for immediate dismissal.



Print This form and bring it completed with you if you are called for an interview.




If you do not agree with any of these points circle them and discuss them with your interviewer now


Your interviewer’s name is ____________Gene_________________________





Sign here when all points are agreed upon by both employee and employer


Applicants Signature___________________________ Date ___________