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Nothing is more important to small town America than family owned businesses that generate local revenue, but also know customers by their first name. And that is why as owners of Southwest City Processing, we are continuing our commitment to serving the Southwest City, Missouri and immediate Four State area with our five-star rated custom meat processing services by transitioning ownership to the experienced leadership of our son, Jeremy Buchite and his wife, Sara. Southwest City Processing has been in our family since 1979, in fact, Gene was nine years old when he first learned the ropes of meat processing from his parents. In 1994, we purchased the business when Jeremy was just three years old and began to steadily expand services and processing capacity from 15 head of livestock a week to 50 head a week. Our vacuum packing system ensures that your meat will last longer and taste fresher the moment it hits your grill or cook stove. Not only do we process livestock, but we have supported area hunters with game processing. In fact, in 2018 we processed over 740 deer, as well as, some interesting wild game like bear and elk. Southwest City Processing will continue to carry our specialty products such as: summer sausage, jalapeno cheese summer sausage, jerky, pepper sticks, and hickory-smoked pork. We are excited to keep Southwest City Processing in the family as we pass the torch to our son and daughter-in-law beginning in August 2019. We would like to thank our many customers and friends for supporting our family owned business all these years and hope that you will drop by to meet the new owners and be confident that our commitment to quality processing and customer service will continue in the Buchite family tradition. Gene and Cindy Buchite

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State regulations require that all animals be sold 30 days prior to slaughter. In order to ensure compliance on our part please have names, phone numbers, and addresses of all orders at time of delivery.

Winter Hours are Mon - Fri 8:00-5:00 Sat 8:00 - Noon

Summer Hours are Mon - Fri 8:00-5:00 Sat. Closed.... (Memorial Day - Labor Day)

On Weekends Call 417-762-3515 The answering machine will instruct you on times to bring in deer.

Southwest City Processing is a custom meat cutting facility located in the SouthWest corner of Missouri. The plant was built in 1946 and has served SWMissouri, NEOklahoma, and NWArkansas ever sinse. The Buchite family moved from central Minnesota in 1979 and ownership is still in the family. Current owner was 9 years old when family purchased the plant. He worked the plant with father, mother ,and brother untill 1987 when he started looking for other experiences. 1995 found the present owner working in a grocery store meat department. He and his wife then made the decision to buy the plant. Several updates have been made to the plant through out the years.

We process beef, pork, and lamb. Kill day is Friday,by appointment only.

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